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3 Things to do Before Listing Your Home

Whether you are testing the market or are truly interested in selling your home, there are several things you must do beforehand. Even if you are only listing your home to find out how it could fare, you have to stage it in a manner that makes it appealing to potential buyers. You can always request advice from those who are well-versed in Property Listings Gig Harbor WA, too.

Here are three things to do before you list your home.


When potential buyers see your home, the first impression matters. Therefore, it is important to clean. As you clean, scrub the walls, floors and all other surfaces. Before you scrub, consider de-cluttering. Even if you do not intend to close a deal, de-cluttering is a good idea anyway. There is no sense in accumulating items that you are not going to use anymore, are only taking up space and could be donated. While you are de-cluttering and cleaning, it is a good idea to address any odd smells. It is easy to do this because you can find the source and take care of it in between all the other cleaning.


Professionals recommend re-painting the interior of a home once every five to seven years. If you are going to list your home, since you are cleaning and de-cluttering, it is a good opportunity to re-paint, too. New paint allows the interior of a home to shine. If you do not end up closing a deal, you still end up with a newly re-painted interior that is clean and de-cluttered.

Let the Light in

A home that receives a lot of natural light inside tends to do well on Property Listings Gig Harbor, WA. Homeowners enjoy nature and light in the interior, so show it off in yours.