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An Elevated Student Experience Awaits Minutes Away from Ole Miss Campus

There’s so much to enjoy about the college experience, but you won’t make the most of your time at school in a cramped dorm. There is luxurious student housing at Ole Miss that includes all the comforts of home and tons of exclusive community benefits to enhance the overall experience.

Move-In Ready

If you’re looking for the simplest way to move into student housing at Ole Miss then you won’t find a better opportunity than these apartments just minutes away from campus. Not only do they include water, sewage, and internet to cut down your bills each month, but they also offer fully furnished apartments that are thoughtfully-appointed with youthful decor and furnishings that are perfect for relaxing on your own or entertaining friends. All you’ll have to do is plug in your Wi-Fi code, unpack your boxes and get the college experience started!

Individualized Responsibilities

If there’s one downfall to having roommates it’s having to worry about them ditching their responsibilities and footing you with the bill each month. At these luxury student apartments, each resident has their own individual contracts with the property management. So, even if you reside in one of the four-bedroom townhomes, you’ll never be held accountable for a roommate that was not able to pay their share of the rent or utilities. Only those who do not pay their bills are held accountable for payment issues.

Learn more about these plush student accommodations minutes away from your classes at Ole Miss by visiting Archive Oxford today.